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Hypothetically speaking…

Hypothetically speaking… … if you were working on a language which was in many ways similar to (and targets) C but added more expressive types, type inference, and polymorphism, how would you interpret the following line of code? x = “foo”; … Continue reading

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Do Yourself a Favor

Stick this in your .bashrc: export HISTCONTROL=erasedups export HISTSIZE=500 export HISTIGNORE=ls:’ls -l’:fg This changes what gets shoved into .bash_history. Erase duplicate entires that have shown up previously. Set the history size to 500 Ignore a few specified commands

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Thought for Today

Just one thing: MERGING IS HARD. That is all.

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More Arduino

I just ordered my own an Arduino Duemilanove! I’ve been borrowing Job’s Arduino up until now (thanks Job). I’ve got some plans for a few more interesting posts using Atom on the Arduino when this thing arrives. SparkFun Electronics – … Continue reading

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Hi everyone. I moved this blog from to a VPS hosted with I know a bunch of links now target this site, so I’ve done my best to maintain all the old links and files, etc. If any … Continue reading

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HsOpenSSL Update

The maintainer of HsOpenSSL accepted a patch Job Vranish and I put together that moves to a simple build type rather than the configure step. This has the nice side effect that, with the right libraries installed, we can get … Continue reading

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My TODO List

I’m making this public so that I will be hounded if fail to complete these tasks or find some one to do these for me (hint hint): Write a Haskel FFI interface for libdnet. Write a Haskell FFI inteface for libgcrypt. … Continue reading

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