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Data.Binary and Byte Order

I seem to come across the (false) idea that Data.Binary isn’t able to handle encoding/decoding things of non-network byte order. So, for all those of you who are trying to get Data.Binary to use little endian instead of big endian, … Continue reading

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Atom & Arduino :: First Program (pt. 2)

Last time we talked about a few changes I made to Atom. This time we’re going to start writing some programs. Our first one will be pretty simple. First, we need a short C file (this is the only C … Continue reading

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Atom & Arduino :: Some Hacking (pt. 1)

Hacking some atom and making stuff play nice on an Arduino. Continue reading

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My TODO List

I’m making this public so that I will be hounded if fail to complete these tasks or find some one to do these for me (hint hint): Write a Haskel FFI interface for┬álibdnet. Write a Haskell FFI inteface for libgcrypt. … Continue reading

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